Mount Hatis
“Birthplace” of Armenian paraglider and hangglider pilots.

Take off areas:
1. “200” — coordinates 40.273142°/ 44.708357°, h = 1675m
2. “300” — coordinates   40.277096°/ 44.707375°, h = 1740m
3. “Aram’s start” — coordinates   40.29s4048°/ 44.697437°, h = 1890m
4. Summit — coordinates   40.306320°/ 44.725273°, h = 2495m

– Close to Yerevan,
– Simple relief and predictable aerology,
– Practically unlimited, free, flat fields for landings,
– One can reach take off areas via 4WD vehicles (there is no asphalt-based road),
– Predictable micrometeorology, “surprise” changes usually do not happen,
– Good XC potential, thermals are relatively high, thermal cycles are long-lasting

– Rocky terrain (except for the take off areas, which are cleaned up) slopes are covered with pieces of obsidian and other rocks of volcanic origin,
– Not suitable for dynamic soaring, as the mountain is “round”, and has not long straight ridges,

– Southern, South-Western winds, (the wind changes to downstream direction on the take off areas lower the summit in the evenings in July-September months (period of the global north winds).

Flying season:
– Theoretically – 12 months a year, but the best flying season is spring and late autumn, the climate is arid and the air is turbulent in summer

– Good people, friendly and hospitable.