Vedi (small)

Near TV tower of “Red mountain” close to Vedi city. Flight spot with superb view on Ararat mountain and Ararat vallie.

Take off area:
coordinates    39.943428°/44.674654°,  h = 1300 m

– One can reach take off areas via light 4WD or even general vehicles (there is no asphalt-based road),
– Sunny weather (precipitations are relatively scarce in this region of Armenia)
– Practically unlimited fields for landings,
– Predictable micrometeorology, “surprise” changes of weather usually do not happen
– Because of low (MSL) altitude take off point it is possible to gain more altitude in thermals (AGL)
– Beautiful scenery of Ararat mountain and vallie

– Road to take off area passes behind of the mountain, which makes retrieve last longer
– Landing zones taken separately may have some agricultural elements (poles, fences) which requires a little more caution
– During hot, summer seasons, low invertion of temperature gradient is common case which makes thermals short and shakie

– Southern, South-eastern, South-western

Flying season:
– Spring, (first flights are performed here after winter breaks). Especially good after some rain one day before.

– Locals are good people, friendly, hospitable.