Flight tours



1- 2 pilots. --- costs 25 euro for the pilot, we go to fly on "club days" with our club members. There is no separate tour in this case. (transportation included).

3 pilots. --- costs 35 euro, we organize a separate tour. (transportation included).

4 pilots. --- 30 euro. (transportation included).

5 pilots. --- 25 euro. (transportation included).

6 or more pilots. ---

a) if We are responsible for their flights (that is, we decide who / when / where should fly, what to do, and so on: since we are responsible for them)  --- costs 25 euro per pilot. (transportation included).

b) If the group has it's instructor/head (responsible), the cost per day ---  50 euros for the whole group for "guiding" (does not include transportation). Transportation cost is 75 euro per day.