Tandem flights (flights with instructor)


If you have decided to fly on a two seat paraglider (tandem flight), you do not need to have any knowledge or experience considering flights, as an experienced paraglider pilot would be with you from the very start till the landing. He would willingly explain everything happening in the air, would show you some tricks of piloting, and would let you “steer” the paraglider in the case of favorable conditions.


But, let us start from the beginning…

Our cars or rope-way take you to the take off area, from where you would fly. Amazing scenery of Armenian highlands opens before you from here and while you enjoy this beauty, our staff will inspect the terrain, and view weather conditions.

After, you would have a five-minute briefing with the pilot, during which he would explain how to behave during every phase of the flight and will answer to your questions.

Then, preparing to take off, preflight inspection, radio check, command “RUN” ! …  air counterflow blows to your face, … and after very few steps, TAKE OFF !!! you are in the air…

And one more thing … do not forget to share your impressions after a landing!… though… it’s very difficult not to do so, believe me  ?  …


F.A.Q. Regarding tandem flights


1. Where the flights are being conducted ?

– Hatis, Aparan, Sevan, … depending on weather and take off options.


2. How long does the flight last?

– Again this depends on weather conditions, 20 minutes in average.


3. How high can I go ?

– This depends on the weather conditions, in any case, 300m in average.


4. What prior knowledge do I need before the flight?

– You do not need prior knowledge or special skills. All you need to do is follow the instructions which you will be given by a pilot regarding your actions during takeoff and landing.


5. What kind of clothing is recommended?

– Long sleeved jacket and long pants, strong boots. We would provide all the other protecting elements.


6. Can I also control the paraglider?

– The pilot will give you opportunity to control the paraglider, in case of favorable weather (this does not concern takeoff and landing).


7. Can I take a photo/video camera with me during the flight?

– Yes.


8. Can I fly under effects of alcohol / sickness / smoke in the air, as I do not control the paraglider in the air ?

– NO.


9. What is the cost for a flight?

– 48.000 AMD (including transporting and shooting on GoPro camera)


10. How should I reach the flying site?

– We’ll meet at a prearranged location in the morning, get in the car and go to the place of flights.


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