The mountain near Buzhakan village. Has a highest take off area among our flight spots.

It is a flying site with good XC potential. The paragliding international competitions have been held here.


Take off area:

coordinates:   40.517459°/ 44.522331° ,  h = 2835 m



– Excellent, very large, clean and smooth take off area,

– Conditions for top landings,

– Has parts of relief for dynamic soaring,

– Practically unlimited, free, flat fields for landings,

– One can reach take off area via 4WD vehicles (there is no asphalt-based road),

– Predictable micrometeorology, “surprise” changes usually do not happen,

– Good XC potential

– Relatively close to Yerevan city.



– In case of unfavorable air flows, it is possible not to reach the main landing areas and land in the forest on the slopes of the mountain, which is not so safe and pleasant and intends difficult pickup by the car.

– Has a relatively complex airology, which is appropriate for relatively experienced pilots.

– In case of strong winds thermalling and climbing becomes essentially difficult.

– During rains the road to the mountain becomes impassable.



– Southern, South-western, Western (rarely Eastern and North)


Flying period:

– End of Spring, Summer, Begin of Autumn. Strong winds are more frequent in spring and early summer, precipitation probability is higher and there are more winds with “wrong” directions during this period.



– Good people, friendly, hospitable.