Our history


The first flights with paraglider were conducted by members of “Armenia’s small aviation club” in 1996. The founder of the club is Rafik Sokhoyan, thanks to whom the first paragliders were brought to Armenia.

Two years later, the club had a school. Trainings were organized for novices who wished to fly paraglider. The first paragliding competition was organized within the club members.

The club was officially dissolved in 2001, but its members continued to engage in this sport, not having any juristical status, and only in 2004 they act as a part of  DOSAAF.

The Armenian Paragliding Sport Federation NGO was founded by above mentioned people in 2008.

Paragliding sport festival was held in Armenia for the first time in 2009.

In 2015 the federation has been reformed to an organization which also controls activities of paragliding clubs under it’s membership. After that club-activities are separated from federation and currently this “old school” is represented under “AERO CLUB Armenia” name.