About Paragliding in Armenia (Part 1-History and Present)

Paragliding in Armenia has developed a lot right now. More people start practicing it every year and the level of pilots has reached incredible heights. It would be fair to mention that the speed that paragliding evolves with right now is unprecedented. There are two clubs ( Aero Club and Sky Club ) and luckily both are doing everything possible to share their passion of light aviation and paragliding with as many people as possible.

Paragliding flights and ultralight aviation has been conducted by a small group of people in 1996 who have started something that continues until now, getting bigger and bigger really fast. The pilots of Aero Club are really proud that it's us who have the right to claim that we continue the legacy of “Armenia’s small aviation club”.  The sphere has gone through big changes throughout the years, the people pushing it have gone through some joyful and at the same time harsh times. Luckily, what we have right now shows that it was all worth it and the adventure lovers of Armenia now have the chance to practice paragliding in a much more controlled, safe and tested way. 

The paragliding sphere of Armenia now has new ways of schooling and attitude towards the flights, it cooperates with civil and military aviation departments, it has the chance to practice it in the safest and easiest way possible, it has pilots who set new records, practice acrobatics and push the level of the sport and last but not least it has a community of pilots that is not just a community, but people who consider each other a family same as in the good old times.